Thursday, June 5, 2008

More about Elmdale House Tavern

Okay, so I couldn't go take in the shows I wanted to on the weekend. (But I'm over the whininess.) In honour of what might have been, I'd like to just acknowledge a few experiences I've had in my visits to Elmdale House Tavern.

I walked in for the first time and felt like I had arrived home.

I met a very drunk woman who took me under her wing for the night, and then didn't recognize me the next time I was there.

I was reprimanded for being rude by an elderly woman I had never met before, and told to turn around and face the person across the table from me (I had rotated in order to watch the band).

I was expertly danced-with by a tall, full-head-of-silver-hair man who kept saying "You're beautiful. You're beautiful." (I think that was the best dance experience of my life so far).

I was moved by a performance of "Four Walls" by a man with drywall dust on his clothes.

... And believe it or not, reader(s), that barely scratches the surface!

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