Thursday, June 5, 2008

Please do this for me

I'm extremely bummed out because I'm going to miss TWO great musical events this weekend.

On Friday night, Sally Robinson will be at Rasputin's. It'll be a night of great music (new material! apparently she's been writing like a maniac!!!), laughs, fun, and of course (for chocoholics) Rasputin's chocolate cake. You - the person reading this - YOU need to get a ticket right now. They're probably sold out, but try.

On Saturday night, Ball and Chain are playing their monthly gig at the Elmdale House Tavern. If you have never gone to the Elmdale House Tavern, there's no way I can accurately convey to you how great it is and exactly why it is so great. (If you've been, you know what I'm talking about). The greatness of Elmdale House Tavern reaches its pinnacle every month when Michael Ball and Jody Benjamin play their hearts out. A writhing mass of bodies (age range: 20s to 70s) hits the dance floor. Grown men cry. Humungous bottles of working-class label beer are consumed. So put on your tight jeans and something with rhinestones. Or your thrift-store cowboy hat and the biggest shit-eating smile in your repertoire. Put some pomade in your hair and be sure to bring a comb in your back pocket. Go forth!

My feeling of disappointment at not attending these performances is real, despite the stilted way I'm writing. (I'm not at my best right now). A combination of illness and family responsibility keeps me at home. So, reader(s), please go to these events and enjoy them fully. Enjoy them for me. Take pictures. Say hi for me. And tell me all about it later, please.


salonsally said...

Ah Gen - So sorry to hear you were stuck at home with illnesses and comlications. Thank you for the promotion and, your writing is great, esp. the description of the Elmdale.

We'll see you tonight though!

Jen G said...

Hey, hey Sally,

I'm honoured that you commented, thanks :)