Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Open mic at ASHTON Sunday June 15

ERTB is playing at the Ashton pub this Sunday.

The Old Mill at Ashton has a great Sunday afternoon open mic from 2 to 5pm.

You should come!

Possible objections and solutions:

O: I don't have a car.
S: Cosy up to someone who does. Tell them you'll buy them a beer or some fish and chips or something.

O: I never leave Ottawa. Rural places make me nervous.
S: Live a little! The Old Mill at Ashton is considered a hidden gem of the Ottawa area.

O: I don't know the way.
S: Couldn't be simpler to get there.

From Ottawa, take the 417 west, Highway 7 west, Ashton Station Road south.

In other words: take the 417 west and get off at the "TORONTO Carleton Place" exit; you are now on highway 7, heading west until you get to Ashton Station Road; turn left on Ashton Station Road (AWAY from the feed mill), and arrive in the picturesque village of Ashton; don't blink, because you'll miss it; turn right just before the red brick church, park, get out and get into the pub (tudor style building on the river); order a beer, enjoy how clever you are.

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