Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sally review, and more to do

ok, TONIGHT, people, check out the Elmdale - show starts at 8:30, it's Hoodlum with Red April. Hoodlum is Wakefield based and Eastern European rooted. Their music is fairly unique and wonderful. Red April, otherwise known as Michelle, is an incredibly talented roots musician and singer with performance chops coming out the wazoo. You. Must. See. Her.

and FRIDAY, for an out-of-and-back-into-your-body experience, you have a chance to see Propeller Dance perform at the new GCTC (aka Irving Greenberg, on Wellington). These performers are amazing, spirited dancers - another not-to-be-missed night.

What a week! ohhhhhhh man, I feel sorry for you if you missed Sally's show last night, that woman is demonically talented. Holy crap! You should see her play the piano. You can hear it, yes, but seeing her shake, shimmy, gyrate and even grimace while hearing her is like an out of body experience. The whole show was indescribably good. Her songs are witty and wonderful, just like the woman herself. And by being at the show, I got to hear songs that aren't on the cd - songs like Vacillating Boogie, and the one about Pete the sex doll. The place was packed and the atmosphere was intimate and warm. Memories.

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