Thursday, June 11, 2009

Excitement - coming up...

On WEDNESDAY, Sally Robinson (a solo debut, after YEARS in the music biz!). Sally is an amazing player of pianos, clarinet, accordion - really just about any instrument, from what I have seen - and a wonderful singer with a voice that can make you think she's really sweet (don't believe it! well, she has her moments). Her humorous songs are the ones people usually remember the most (my favourite: Recycle Your Man - oh, yeah and a boogie she sings about procrastination, which is hilarious). The CD is The S files, and the songs range from silly to serious, hitting sassy, smart, seductive and sentimental along the way.

7:30, NAC 4th stage, go here to get tix.

On THURSDAY, another friend, Michelle April, is hitting the Elmdale House Tavern stage along with a cool-sounding Wakefield band known as Hoodlum. Michelle played for years as part of RedWood Central, and has taken a break from performing for a while, so I'm really excited to see and hear her on stage again. Her voice will rip the heart right out of your chest and leave it hanging - so bring tissues and gauze and the whole damn first aid kit. And she has a really unique style on the guitar, too. My understanding is that she will be playing some of her songs as an opener, then playing with the band for a few numbers as well.

Elmdale House Tavern, 8:30 pm, Thursday June 18, 7 bucks

On FRIDAY,at 7pm, the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre Mainstage is hosting LIFT - an evening of performance by Propeller Dance artists, including dancers from the youth, adult and children's programs. Propeller Dance is an Ottawa organization that offers mixed-ability, integrated dance classes for all ages.

Don't miss it - buy tickets at the box office: 613-236-5196

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