Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Game, Set, Match

My son has figured out how to make his Spiderman Operation game buzz continuously by wedging the little pincher into one of the holes, snugged up to the metal edges. Then he grins at me and covers his ears. "Cover your ears, Mommy!" He usually does this when I'm trying to get some work done.

Lately we've been playing checkers, and he plays within the regular rules for approximately one game, give or take a few moves. After that, it's his rules. I never win, no matter which set of rules we are using.

Another game, one he just made up the other day, is called "Guess What?" It goes like this:

-Guess what?
-No, guess.
-Um, your feet are ticklish.
-Yes they are.
-No, that's not it, guess, Mommy!
-It's bedtime.
-Yes it is, though.
-You have to guess three times.
-It's getting dark.
-Okay that was three guesses.
-No, you have to guess four times.
- insert guess
-You have to guess five times.
-insert guess
-You have to guess previous number plus one times.
etc, ad infinitum ...


RealGrouchy said...

Does he play Calvinball with his babysitter? (Calvin & Hobbes reference)

Woodsy said...

My boys and I loved playing Calvin Ball! And, when we weren't playing Calvin Ball we played Monster in The Middle and Tackle Frisbee. Oh, I miss those days... Enjoy them Jen G

Jen G said...

Hi RealGrouchy: We haven't played Calvinball yet, but it would be right up our alley!

Hi Woodsy: You know it. I enjoy my time with him so much!

zoom said...

Awww. I miss those days too.

Jen G said...

days crawl, weeks fly