Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Bad Girl's Guide to De-cluttering*

1. move piles from one cluttered area of the house to another cluttered area
2. 'organize' other people's stuff - easier to pitch their sentimental crap than it is to release your own
3. put the stuff you are giving away in the trunk of your car and drive around with it until you decide you need it again
4. throw your unwanted stuff over the neighbour's fence** in the dead of night (when there's no moon***)
5. burn it! especially if burning it will release nasty fumes! yeah!

*I'm a bad, bad girl, but even I can't endorse these suggestions - who posted this!? - JG
** Pls note: make sure it doesn't include junk mail with your name and address on it - duh!
*** This is super bad - note the pagan content


Claudia & Marcus said...

I'm sorry but those were really funny! specially #1 and #3 :) hahahaha I really enjoy reading your blog Jen!

Jen G said...

Hi Claudia! I'm glad you enjoyed - thanks for reading.

Kristen said...

I'm thinking Claudia and I wouldn't appreciate #4.

Jen G said...

@K - yep, I'm thinking you guys would kick my ass if I tried that one