Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This one's an update. My life has been fairly eventful over the past few days. Most of the events involved me being in denial about having a cold, doing fun energetic things, then collapsing and whining like crazy, but hey - no regrets.

Still trying to schedule in the retail therapy with TWFKAH. We may just default straight to the wine/whine-fest part.

But thanks to Aggie, I now like port. And, you left the bottle at my house, dear. You are not getting it back...

I'm at Umi, and a firetruck just drove by. The firefighters all craned their necks to look in the windows. Maybe firefighters have a secret love of Umi. But they can't indulge it because they're all manly and tough and not into spoken word and peace rallies... um, I guess the cold medication is making me high, that makes no sense.

what am I trying to say? mainly, nothing. But I can't wait for this cold to be over. And I'm really bummed out that I had to cancel volunteering yesterday. The teacher gets me to sit in the hall and take turns reading individually with each kid. I love it. The kids are so amazing, these little tiny beings with their big huge personalities, their daily struggles and passions and rampant curiosity. I think volunteering in jk is probably my most favourite thing that I've done during my sabbatical.

My next most favourite thing has been the music. Still going to be doing some music stuff - a possible date at Umi, in discussions; March 26th at the Elmdale (a thursday - you know the drill - take friday off so you can stay late and come to my place afterwards for the post-party).

One final thing - my friend Carmel needs to buy a second hand van or small truck - any leads?

(photo credit: blavish.com)

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