Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gearing up for the gig

I hope you are all planning on going to our gig - less than three weeks now - THURSDAY DECEMBER 11 at the increasingly revered and renowned ELMDALE HOUSE TAVERN.

Okay - got that out of the way.

Fall is a busy time for people who work in academic type workplaces. And people like Sarah who don't, but have to take trips to - oh - Luxembourg, for instance, for important conferences. And people like Carmel, who have been mixing with artistic types at important art shows. So we haven't been playing out much. However, we have been adhering to a rigid, cage-like practice schedule, and we've added some exciting new songs - oldies and newies - to our repertoire. We've got our harmonies all tuned up and our eccentric rhythms down pat.

You know, Thursday December 11 strikes me as a perfect day to plan an outing with your chums. You could go to any number of fun and yummy restaurants in the Hintonburg area, then catch our show at 9pm at Elmdale House. Only 5 dollars. Whether you like to shake it on the dance floor, or watch others do so, should be fun. Christmas is a-comin'. Friday December 12 would be a good day to wake up late, call in sick, buy a few stocking stuffers. I'm just sayin'.

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