Friday, July 18, 2008

Nostalgica report

Last night at about 7pm I was feeling a bit nervous and damning the fact that I knew for sure a few people were coming to hear us - because our AMAZING lead guitarist, Patricia Reynolds, came home from work yesterday sick sick sick!

I started playing guitar about seven years ago, entirely because of Patricia, and we've been making music ever since. I have some insecurity about my guitar skills (which I need to address with proper lessons and scales and drills, I think), and I always feel like I'm missing about half or more of my brain when I play without Patricia.

BUT - we did it! And it went really well, actually. We got good feedback from the crowd (not only our friends, also people who didn't know us from Adam). One of our most stalwart fans, Eliora, who has come to every single performance of ERTB ever, told me that the transitions went smoother than the Ashton open mics. (Because we all sing lead for different songs, we always have to do a switch instruments/switch place thing between each song.)

What else? Thanks to Eliora, Hasana, Nathaniel, Susan L., Karen and her sister Jane, Andrew (belatedly), David P. from Wakefield - thanks for coming out.

And - one more thing - a link to a posting on one of my favourite blogs. In this one, Zoom writes about learning to play the guitar as an adult: "It's okay to suck at stuff".

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