Friday, July 18, 2008

Dave Norris and no apartment news

At Nostalgica last week, I enjoyed the performance of Dave Norris, who played towards the end of the evening on a Washburn with a big, bright sound. He really gave every song everything he had, both in terms of playing and singing. It was totally awesome. He will be playing at the The Black Sheep next Wednesday, July 30. It would be well worth the trip.


The other news is no news on the apartment hunting front. Feel free to send me leads!

I need:
2 br
centretown, or a similarly central location
kid friendly
1000 or less/month


zoom said...

How about this apartment? I think it's on the edge of a cliff! 140 Bronson

Jen G said...

It looks exciting! Thanks so much for the lead, Zoom, but I've found a place. I'm so H-A-P-P-Y!!