Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Insert sexy title here

Can't think of a good title, sorry.

Looking back and ahead... the pictures here are from our Elmdale show April 22nd.  Many thanks to Rob Gilbert for the photography. 

Our next show is in Sharon ON at a one day intentional community called Spiritfest.  That's coming up fast! June 2nd!  Patricia will be running a "Women of Rockabilly" workshop - plus we get to sing and play in the beautiful Sharon Temple in the evening concert!

In other news...

Sarah is in town for a week!  Looking forward to martinis, jamming, and checking out her new outar.

We have a gig booked at THE new hip cafe in Hipsterburg - ah mean - Hintonburg... le MichelAnge - we will be appearing there on October 13, so save the date... playing avec Astronaut Love Triangle and with Sally Robinson opening.

Recently had a practice with Astronaut Love Triangle & Sally R. After a delicious stir fry cooked by Dave, with a dessert of Cherry Garcia ice cream supplied by Patricia, we created some musical goodness. ALT songs we are working on: Large American Car, I Don't Deserve This, and Helen Wheels/Roller Derby song (can never remember the exact title of that song). Plus a cover of Ghost Riders in the Sky... love moaning that one out...hellfire and brimstone sure is fun to sing about.

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Zoom said...

Oooh! I wouldn't miss that October gig for anything.