Sunday, November 7, 2010

shades of Avril Lavigne

Rather than writing a song 'about' punctuation, I'd like to finish an unfinished song that's been hanging around my head for a while - for a few years, actually.  I am not a fast songwriter.  I'm not a fast artmaker in general.  When I used to paint, it took me years to complete pieces because I needed to let them sit and I needed to look at them a lot and just ruminate.

Anyway... yesterday I sat down and strummed the chords and sang through the parts of the song that I have figured out so far.  Then I let it play in my head overnight, and this morning as I made coffee I suddenly realized - yikes, shades of Avril Lavigne.

So, back to the drawing board.


coyote said...

...for the heavy black eyeliner, right...?

Jen G said...

for the heavily affected draaawwwwl ;)