Thursday, June 3, 2010

Save the date: June 19th + new trax on myspace + copyright question

Hey y'all -

Elizabeth Riley Band is excited about a fun and intimate gig coming up on Saturday June 19th at Umi Cafe, my favourite Ottawa coffeehouse, corner of Somerset and Percy in Chinatown.

We've been experimenting as a band lately, and we want to bring out some new stuff at the show. So we have some new-to-us old timey favourites, but even more exciting, we're exploring a new genre of folk music (for us) brought by our newest member, Charline Dequincey, who has a European French background and plays both violin and accordion. AND we have some original songs to take for a walk, and we would really like to know what people think.

There are some new tracks up on myspace with some originals from our last show at the Elmdale.

Question: how do I find out whether a song is in the public domain, so that I can post my/our version on myspace? We have St. James Infirmary and Shady Grove from our last show, and we'd love to stick them out there, but don't want to get sued. Advice?


Anonymous said...

Your band needs permission from the copyright holder to perform their song(s) in a public domain for money. If you post clips from your last live show, you run the risk of being sued. It won't happen but that is da law.

If you post your originals, and their good, I hope you have them copyrighted.

Bon Jovi is suing some bar for playing their music without permision..there ya have it.

Jen G said...

I'd like to know - how do I find out who the copyright holder is for old songs like SJI and Shady Grove - are they old enough that they are in the public domain?

Also, regardless of that - if we're putting our versions of traditional songs out on myspace, in the public domain, but NOT doing it for money, is that a risk? or no?