Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa, baby

We just finished a flurry of Christmas-themed gigs.

Most recently, I sang with Patricia and Carmel at the Well (on Elgin street) yesterday. What an amazing place. I loved walking in with my guitar to a sign that said "All women and their children are welcome". Continuing down the stairs and along a hallway to a large room full of the roar of chattering women and the smell of turkey dinner being prepared, I saw kids whizzing around, a mom with a new-born baby, a large Christmas tree with stuffed animals under it, women in the most whimsical plush Christmas hats I've ever seen. And table upon table of women, many of them 50 and over, patiently waiting for their dinner. They were dressed up for the occasion, with glittery shirts, Christmas tree pins, or red dresses and blouses.

We sang a few 'country christmas' numbers and other seasonal songs. Then the choir, the Well's Angels (!) got up and we accompanied them for several Christmas carols. And of course, "Here comes Sandra Claus" (that's right, folks, Santa can be a woman).

Last week, I played with Patricia and Carmel at a nursing home in Vanier. It was a wonderful, welcoming environment. We probably could have gone acoustic, but we set up with all our gear (speakers, PA, mics, amps...). I felt a bit sorry for the woman at the very back who kept her hands over her ears the whole time. But most of the audience seemed to enjoy the show, singing along and shaking the various percussion instruments we handed out. After we finished, we were swarmed in slow motion by enthusiastic fans.

A few days before that, the full band (Sarah had not yet left for Winterpeg) played at an appreciation lunch for the staff of all the programs at the Bronson Centre. That was a blast, where I debuted my sexy rendition of "Santa Baby" - and Santa was there, playing right along. It was catered by the Cordon Bleu cooking school. YUM. (I snagged some handmade chocolates and fancy cookies to take home with me for the delight of my offspring.)

Now things are about to get quieter. Except at my house, where Santa's visit is eagerly anticipated with almost complete belief and a healthy measure of skepticism.

Kid: Mom, does Santa really know if you've been bad or good?
Mom: Absolutely.
Kid: Cool...
[a few minutes of silence]
Kid: Does he have a big video screen or something?
Mom: Magic.
Kid: Oh. Okay.


zoom said...

Merry Christmas, Jen. May there be lots of magic in your life in 2010.

TWFKAH said...

I believe. I totally, completely believe. In Santa. I do.

Jen G said...

Hi Zoom, Hi Harmonious One... thank you! I believe in magic. And Santa. Also Sandra Claus. And other people with unique names who comment on my blog. merci, belles dames xo