Sunday, June 21, 2009

More skull imagery

Last week was busy... and fun... but busy!

Whoops, and I just realized that I overlooked my invitation to the Fringe Wine and Cheese where I could have got free tickets and blogged about the shows I saw - which would have been fun, so I feel some regret - but it would have made me more busy, and that's not what I need right now.

I like to say yes to everything - everything that I WANT to do - because I like doing things, I find it interesting to go places and see people. But I can't do everything I want to do.

A little while ago I ran into planning problems. I had a spell where all my attempts to plan just came to nothing, basically. So I thought, hey, universe, you trying to tell me something? I stopped planning, as much as possible. And things got a bit simpler. Not any less busy, but less stressful. It was like a de-cluttering of the mind.

For the first time I appreciated my brother's annoying habit of responding, "Let's play it fast and loose," to my attempts to make plans with him. He has a busy, planful job and he just doesn't want to plan in his 'free' time.

Then I got bold. My de-cluttered mind woke up and stretched and said: "You know what, not only can you refrain from planning, you can un-plan!" I cancelled two upcoming trips (they would have been super-fun, but busy... you get the idea) and heaved a big sigh of relief.

So that's my story - unplanning - what can you un-plan?


David S said...

Your brother's line strikes me as an indirect way to say that seeing friends and relatives is not a priority for him.

Jen G said...

David S, that's how I have taken the statement in the past sometimes, however my brother does make a point of seeing family and friends quite often.