Friday, May 1, 2009

Night Thoughts

Well, I keep swearing that I will get a good solid chunk of sleep every night.

However, that was before I discovered that people post entire tv shows to youtube. Hello, ANTM (Yes, guilty as charged).

And now... I have Qtv playing, an interview with Leonard Cohen. So far, he has talked about what he does when he comes home (change the lightbulbs), about starting a music career in his mid-thirties (inspiring!), about liking women's voices and finding his own voice disgusting, about writing songs, about death a few times... now they're talking about death some more.

I'm not thinking about death so much as housework. My house is a mess. I'm going through one of those periods of time when the task of cleaning my house seems to be beyond me. I have an oasis of orderliness in the kitchen and that's about it. In the rest of the house, I keep doing cleaning and the cleaning gets undone faster than I can reclean. Like I totally cleaned my bathroom and then a day later I looked in and saw a hockey helmet, three dinosaurs, telephone messages and other assorted effluvia that had washed up on my formerly pristine vanity.

hm - that's almost leonard cohenesque - 'I scrubbed at every surface/I thought my soul was clean/the mirror was a lecher/my vanity was pristine'

you know what? bedtime.

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Jen G said...

I'm commenting on my own post to revise the cohenesque verse:

I scrubbed at every surface
I thought my soul was clean
The mirror was a lecher
My vanity, pristine

Sing to the tune from "I came so far for beauty"