Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hurray for Elizabeth Riley

It was sooooooo much fun. Thanks to all of you who came out last Thursday to the Elmdale, it was a blast! You guys are the best. I can't even pick my favourite moment.

And a big thank you to our mystery man - now revealed as AL WOOD, a great musician and a great guy. He laid down a bass line that kept us grounded and added just a touch of funk at times! Al is a blues man who is Ottawa based and Soo-originated, and he is a finalist in two categories in the 2009 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards.

He has an AWESOME new CD out, "Mood Swingin' Blues"... check out his original music (and buy, buy, buy!) at alwoodmusic.com

And I'd also like to thank Jeannette for the Jager shooter. She stayed on at the end of her shift to hear our first set, which is a huge big deal. You rock, Jeannette!

Jon (also a great sound man!) thanks for the image, bro.

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