Friday, December 12, 2008

The gig, the gig

Well, last night was our gig. In preparation, yesterday I went out and bought myself a patch cord and a guitar stand. Oddly, I still don’t own a tuner.

We had a practice the night before that turned into a bit of a ‘pre-party’. You know that’s the only reason we’re in a band. It’s an excuse to party... In my case, it’s my social life.

We had a great time last night playing music and I just want to thank the EIGHTY people who came - omg - we now have some money to put towards a good cause, as in, making our band even awesomer. We fantasize about cordless mics... cordless guitars... headsets! There's this one song where I really want to writhe around on the floor, but it's hard when you're tied down with cords.

In a little bit, I should have some photos and possibly videos from the show to either post here or point you to... What a party. Like I said, when your 'work' is making music, you can justify all kinds of things...

  • buying clothes that others might consider to be cheesy, cheap, and/or slutty (viz. My red high-heeled fake snakeskin boots, $7.99 at St Vincent de Paul)
  • going out to shows and catching great acts around town (research)
  • drinking on a weeknight (that's week-night)
Hey, I know some of my readers are in bands too – can you add to the list?


TWFKAH said...

I'd add that it's a chance to sing lyrics that express things you might have difficulty saying in ordinary conversation.

Jen G said...

I agree, lyrics like "Love's like a muscle and you make me wanna flex"... I would have trouble working that into a conversation.