Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Looking back and looking ahead

Elizabeth Riley is planning to play at Umi's open mic this Friday, the 26th - really hope some of you can make it, it should be lots of fun.

They do an open mic to start the evening (7, 7:30 ish), then there is a featured act, and also I believe their house band, Instant Release (they are great!) will be playing.

We played at Irene's open mic last Saturday (sorry I didn't publicize it through the blog, just thru facebook). What a great experience! Thanks, all of you who came - I think we filled quite a bit of the bar!

The pictures from Irene's are courtesy of Keane Shore (thanks, Keane!) They feature Sarah (on banjo), Patricia (on the beautiful Gibson semi-acoustic), Carmel (drum, guitar), and moi (guitar). Eliora and Hasana, two of the Blooming Divas, joined us on vocals for "Young Women to Old". The "EVL" drummer is Doug, who played along with us. Thanks also to Ken and Richard who played along on cello and bass. Missing in action: Mike, who had the day off from being in the band because he's trying to find a house.


Aggie said...

love these photos! love the band, too.

Jen G said...

you are heartily loved in return, darlin' :)