Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm back - and about to leave again

Okay - news.

I found a place and I moved! So sorry about the silence.

ERTB played a barn dance last weekend (the same weekend I moved - the same day I fell out of my dad's truck and landed on my tailbone - ouch!) and IT WAS AWESOME. Our hosts, Dave and Stella, have a horse ranch and they host this bash annually in their riding arena. Just to give you an idea of what quality people they are: Dave had a heart attack the weekend before, but insisted on going ahead with the party; Stella got up and sang some numbers with Tom T. Hill (I'll do a whole separate posting sometime on Tom T.). She is one cool lady.

So in case you're wondering, yes it hurts to fall out of a truck, move house and play music til 3 in the morning all in one day. And yes, it takes some time to recover. But is there any other way I want to live? NO!

Upcoming: we will be playing the Ashton Open Mic the Sunday after Labour Day.

I have tons of other blogworthy stuff, but... I'm leaving today for a much-needed vacation. I'll be back at the end of the month. ttfn (sorry for all the caps, too).


Harmony said...

Dahling, don't know if you're reading this...and rather hope you're not, because what good's a vacation if you don't disconnect?
But if you are, then I propose: I'll meet you in Ashton with some buddies for that open mic. We can celebrate everyone's move! And play our guitars! And drink! As coyote would say: "win-win-win!"

Anonymous said...

Take care of that tailbone. Ouch!

Jen G said...

Hello all! Harmony, I enjoyed hearing you and Mr. Accordion at Blue Skies, and I'd love to hear you at Ashton too!

Raino - the tailbone is better. Amazingly better, despite TWO cross country train trips in "comfort class". Yeah right!